Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Birthdays!

Every year we have the sweetest, prettiest reminder of my Mama's birthday.... her granddaughter Marian Lynn, born on her day. Happy Birthday Mama. I miss you so.

And for our big three year old girl... We had a simple English speaking party since we've ben very busy with reading night and play groups with local friends recently, and we've never had these church friends over for just fun at our house. All the kids got to dress up their own cookies and then we danced (some fantastic displays of local minority dance moves!) and played limbo and ate cake and prayed for our girl and opened
The Box of dress-up gifts. It really was a spectacular party, for a fantastic girl, with a truly great group of kids....

She's got the dress, the shoes, the moves.... and he knows it

After the party, there were more gifts to open, mailed from friends and family.

At the three year mark...
Our girl is on an "I love you" kick. Voiced 30 times a day, very often when she's been caught getting into something... She loves her brothers. Learned to pump 2 months ago, the swing-lover! Loves to be Mama's helper in the kitchen. Is excited for "when I'm 5 I'm going to cook for you, ok?" Failed the chewing gum test, again. Delights her teachers and has made huge strides forward in Chinese language. Is not afraid of anything (including discipline.) Has the goofiest chuckly laugh. Is sure that 2 + 2 (or any numbers together) = "TATA!" (lots of laughs every time.) Loves to pray. Loves to sing. Excellent lyricist.

Here are some of her rambling lyrics:

There is no one playing at the exercisers today, only me
There is no one but I have an owey finger, bonk the wall
Oh precious girl (to the tune of "Oh precious is the flow")
I love our friends, I love go to school
Chicken nuggets, french fries and celery
Oh precious girl (same tune, just for this line)
I love the Lord oh my soul

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  1. Ahhhh, she is so precious alright! How the Father delights in her and her lyrics! Happy Belated Birthday Sweet Marian; God has wonderful plans for our life and I enjoy watch you grow up on this blog!