Thursday, August 12, 2010

more on reading aloud

Today's post from Ann Voskamp is the substance I wrote about being influenced by in our own family habit of reading scripture at every meal (in this post from June). As Ann tells it in her post today, it's not just helpful, it's truly beautiful.... true to her style. I praise the Lord for her and the words that pour through her.

There are so many good words here.... describing the living Word verses our dead food, describing the sweetness of the Word as our dessert... and then this is one of my favorite bits from toward the end... so good to do this in the real world and not some perfect fiction notion of our lives....

"Days when I sadly want to rush, when children tussle over Bibles (and they are all the same!), when we read too fast and a little cries and no one pays attention. But some meals too are simply edible, hardly memorable, but we don't stop eating. We try the dish again or we change the way we eat or we just smile and set the table with candles next time.

Always, we eat again. "

I hope you'll get a chance to take in her words... and then take in that truly LIFE giving Word as your Living Bread too...

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