Saturday, February 28, 2015

Clear Winter Nights

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Our last week in Bismarck.  We've had some cold winter nights and I can't say I know how clear they've been....  it's been usually too far below zero for me to be staring much at the sky at night.

We've been packing things up (Matt's getting skillful in packing these bins to exactly 50 pounds each for our flight over the Pacific) and loading in some fun friends and cousins memories (The Cousins' Party - for all the missed birthdays- is later this afternoon).  Matt's parents even treated the kids to Grandma and Grandpa Day... which was their favorite day in ND.  Heritage Center Museum to see dino bones and turtle shells and lots of coolness, Space Aliens for dinner and Wizard of Oz for viewing pleasure in the evening.

All that meant for a long date day for Matt and I!  I don't know when I've relaxed for an entire afternoon....  and I think it's been six years (we had two nights with friends watching kiddos for our 5 year anniversary)since Matt and I had time like that alone together.  Such a treat!

The two of us got to snuggle up for a long read aloud together and this book is what we deliciously feasted our hearts and ears and minds on together from lunch til dinner.  Finished it.  Loved it.  Now we're gratefully praying about who we can pass it on to....  It's oh so good.

The novel is about Chris, a young man who finds out he's been deeply deceived, who's left soul-sick, searching for truth and questioning all that he's believed up til this point.  Why and how he wrestles and what he hears and is faced with and the love that's shown to him in this trial is all so well said, so rich with depth and just rock solid logically and Biblically.     Highly recommended.  A rare gift in that it is a deep theology book presented sweet and tasty as a captivating story.

Now...  off to the cousins party and last day festivities!  Tomorrow we head to Denver to see my cousins and then off to So Cal to see my dad again and several precious friends there :)

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