Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Home Again... Home Again

We are so grateful to be back in our home!  And what grace that our kids feel relieved  to call this our home.  We were in the states for almost three months and we've been back home for about ten days now.

The past three weeks or so have been hard and full-  too many hours on planes (five flights) and more luggage than we could entirely see over while pushing it through the airport (and that went remarkably smoothly- so much so that I didn't even get a picture of it!) and the flu.... that's been the low spot for me and the kids (and I'm still not all clear).... and good byes and hellos all over again.  It's been hard and good and graced in countless ways.

And though we are getting back in the swing of things, I'm still far behind on the blog front.  But I'm dreaming of getting caught up with lots of photos and thoughts and stories to share...  and then, there's this very real chance that this dream just won't come true.  I may have to pick up with April and just start there!

Suffice it to say, the Lord carried us through a busy, wonderful time in the states and He's carried us back across the planet to our little landlocked beautiful city and we know He's got good things prepared for us....

Now for the "walking in it"... the real living of all these dreams, all for His glory, all by His grace.

Come, house of Matt and Jill and all you dear friends, let us walk in the light of the LORD.  (Isa 2:5)


  1. welcome back dear friends. lifted you all up this morning, think of you often in march - HBD to all your March b'days :) love you lots - and so sorry to hear about the flu, ugh. in the middle of ALL that the last month/s i'm sure held. thankful you made it back - xoxoxo Aunt Darcy for the 6 of us

  2. prayers for you and your beautiful family and ministry. You all are such a blessing and inspiration to me. God bless you all ways, always Laura L