Wednesday, February 11, 2015


oh these friends.... such joy to be with you guys!  Thank you for this special fun time with you!  #bocagrande
ok...  we're beachies and poolies here....

So the boy that jumped on a bike and rode off with almost no practice or help at all (when he was 3.5 years old) also taught himself to swim pretty much by himself.  Pretty awesome deal considering we don't get much time (at all!) in pools for him to practice.  He wanted to jump into the deep end... and he did.  He can make it back to the side like a big brave guy- no problem at all!

There really were about a thousand takes on this, trying to get everyone mid-air together....  

He perfected "the arrow jump" which got his wiggly toes down to the bottom of the seven foot side!

We love you Burgess Fam (and Culvers!)

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