Tuesday, February 10, 2015

far beyond...

I picked up You and Me Forever; Marriage in the light of Eternity, by Francis and Lisa Chan, at a friend's home....  Incredible.  Oh how I long for, how really we all need to have our hearts focused on and anchored with greater consideration of the eternity we say we believe in, that we say is forever and of magnificent importantce.  But don't we usually live like there's no such thing?   Don't our lives often look like we must believe that earth is all we've got. This book is a needful, excellent help for correcting that and inspiring earth-shattering, soul-satisfying joy.

One part that has stayed with me since I read it, is where they write about the common American Christian emphasis on family.  We often say "God first, family second."  And we live it as if family is a very close second. Or maybe, if family was "first" would it look any different than the so-called second place position we give it?  The Chans exhort us to see and remember and live out the radical truth that God is far beyond us, far greater, totally holy and eternally worthy of us giving away, as Jim Elliot said years ago, what we cannot keep to gain what we cannot loose.... all for this, all for God.

And, Matt Papa's book Look and Live goes well right along side it.  He tells a short story about this a guy who might leave a pile of bills on his table.  If he came home at the end of the day and realized his buddy found his bills and paid them all off for him he'd be grateful.  If the bills totalled $50, he'd say "Thanks man."  If the bills totalled $5 million, he would respond with far wilder expressions of gratitude and joy and indebtedness.... "command me, I am yours."

Papa nailed my heart when he challenged "too many of us respond with a "thanks man" to God.  But really, with the infinite weight of our sin, us fully deserving eternal death, and the infinite goodness of God's holiness, we ought to fall flat before him, all-soul-acknowledging "command me, I am yours."

These books have been sweet challenges, refreshing a fire in me to see more of the Lord's glory in my life.  Two books, ten stars total.  Highly recommended.

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