Sunday, October 27, 2013

the wedding...

The Niqa, the actual wedding ceremony, at the bride's house...

My dear friend, the bride, thought long and hard about how to answer when the Imam asked her (calling into the next room) if she wanted to marry the groom.  She decided she wouldn't make him ask three times before she called out her answer from her room (men and women, including the bride and groom are in separate rooms for the ceremony).  In the end, she answered the first time she was asked, even though traditionally that would be thought to mean that she's a "loose" girl.  It was more important to her that she communicate her love for her man....  :)

the next day was the wedding party...  with lots of lovely ladies to meet (and two very uninterested photo subjects!)

the mother of the groom was a sparkly princess... hair, face and dress!

the bride... veiled in red
the traditional fabric and hats.... and hair that every local girl wants

the beautiful bride... I love this girl!
The gold earrings and necklace and rings were sent to her secluded room at the banquet hall, gifts from the groom to adorn his bride.  
the kerpas (household seating and beds- the prime furniture every home needs) are gifts from relatives...
and John was trying to sneak a peak at the well surrounded bride

the cool groom 

yep... he's riding in the front seat... her dress was that big!

(really John was there too....)
This was at the end of the 10 hour wedding party,  now at the groom's parents house where once the guests all leave, the couple would spend their wedding night.  And in the morning, pretty early, more guests would arrive to check on them..... how 'bout that for a honeymoon!?  

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  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures - it's so interesting to hear and see how they do weddings. What a beautiful bride and handsome groom!