Saturday, October 26, 2013

the friends...

These treasured friends visited about a month ago.  We. Love. Them.  Our quick visit was such a gift but I'm just terribly sad that I was so consumed with conversation (our kids played so great that we actually could talk!) that I didn't get the camera out at all!!!  Argh!!!!  This one precious picture is all I've got....  our 8 kids by age.... and the amazing-gift-of-a-friend, Emily.  We love you M Family!

So when this beloved crew came to visit I had to find my camera and be sure to get some photos.... 

oh how precious, loved, delighted-in are these friends.... all six of them.... to us!  

Our hours together were just too few.... ending at nearly 11pm!  John's stoned look alone tells the time perfectly.  (And this was the night after our midnight arrival home from travels.... what a weekend!)

And what an encouragement to see the Father provide more sweet friends for us all along our travels...  I really haven't figured out how to swing traveling, cameras and kiddos, so I don't have pics of most the kids we played with while away, but trust me, they are another sweet, cute crew!  

We are so blessed by the Father to fill our lives with such friends!

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