Thursday, October 10, 2013


Welcome sweetheart, Annalee Linn K!  We are so grateful for you, grateful to the Lord for His care and His timing to give you to your mama and daddy.....  Welcome dear, to a family that loves you and is eager to celebrate the Giver who gave you, and excited to lead you to wonder at His marvels and faithfulness and sovereignty as you grow up in their love.  And we love you too!  Our joy is shining from around the globe that we get to be your auntie, uncle and cousins!

Here she is at one week old....  we love you Annalee!

We love her name!  Annalee's big sister, Maelee, got her name from Heather's grandma + lee and now Annalee got Great Grandma Marian's middle name + lee.   The perfect name in all it's family, phonetic, unique-but-not-crazy beauty.  And it's pure poetry to say it along with her big brother's name.   Eli and Annalee.....

So we get two A-star nieces this summer/fall.  Happy us!  Alexia and Annalee we love you both.  And another amazing friend (an A+ friend though not an A name) passed on a beautiful copy of an Amy Carmichael devotional which I'm delighting in.  More from that later.  Just too many A-greats to enjoy!!!

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