Monday, October 28, 2013

the arrival...

I don't want our blog to be a place for complaints....  I don't want any place in my life for that... not when I have all the promises and grace of God for me!  But it does seem worth recording these crazy full days just for the record.  Praise be to the God of grace to see us through even the dumb days of so many little trials that can feel heavy when all added up like this....

Isaiah travelled how many thousands of miles on Friday SICK.... five stops on the morning drive, threw up on the plane, and, (mama is so grateful for this!) was our first ever successful barf bag user.  Poor boy.  We arrived home (with new guests staying with us) around 1AM Sat morning and Saturday was too filled with Joy, Fun, Celebration, Far Away Friends....  (one dear friend's 40th b-day bash, hosted to pintrest perfection by another amazing friend, with yet more precious friends coming to join in- see that friends post below)  We were exhausted.  And Vivi threw up.

Sunday morning Vivi and I stayed home from church because she told me she still felt sick.... and then she threw up on my face.  John and Marian commence their throwing up Sunday afternoon/ evening and our guests are oblivious....but very interested in telling us all bout their lives and issues and sharing their nice food with us..... Yes, I'd love to try your lovely dinner, but I just can't right now.  Got a basin of throw up to clean up here...

Monday there is some misunderstanding about the washing machine (and did I mention, there has never been such a load of K laundry before- 5 last days of travels' laundry + 3 days of throw up.  We don't have enough clothes for this!!!)  She needs to wash her few items and I've still got how many loads and yes, let me take my clothes out so  you can use the washer.  And then the washing machine was mysteriously broken.

And that night I threw up (probably germs from the throw-up in my face) and Matt got to tackle the washing machine (that wouldn't let me take the last load out) and then discovered the dryer is broken ("yes, Jill, I guess you could try to still use it but I'm pretty sure it would catch on fire." or something like that) and battle our slow internet for the all kids he's arranged to be in an online English course and put our kids to sleep because my toxic tummy was being too mean to let me out of bed.  He's a champ.  The evening ended watching poor Wong, or whatever his name is, loose the game for the Card's in game four of the World Series. Go Red Sox.

And I woke up feeling a bit better Tues morning and the repairman came by early afternoon to fix the washer and give us a terminal prognosis on the dryer and as soon as i could get to our newly fixed washer, I got to lay down my laundry mountain of dreams again and wait for her four items to finish.....  Lord refine me.  This is so petty and little but it does pile high.... Humble me Lord.

Thank you that there is grace for this.

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  1. Love you Jillian! Giving in your own time of need...your family must have odourless 'mess' for visitors not to detect it! Sorry - was that a bit cheeky:)