Saturday, March 3, 2012


I picked up this paper and thought that Isaiah must have written a few play letters, not any real words....

"You know what it is, Mom.  It's Battle Mountain....  Oh, but sorry.  I forgot the silent E."

And the FAIT below?  Well, that's Fight, for anyone with eyes to see.

So when is it that I should be correcting spelling on every word?  I don't want him to learn words incorrectly but I also don't want to dampen his spirits...  for now just encouraging writing and easily mentioning or correcting often spelled words?  We both have so much to learn!

Here's a story Isaiah wrote probably 2 months ago:

This is a story about Love.

The season is cold.  The people are cold. 

The army is brave and good.

They rest with good dragons.

The brave army treats the dragons good.  

This is a good story.

Ehe End.

That this is a story about love is the part that makes me the most happy.  I love this boy!  And too, I'm encouraged to see that at times he has been more eager and it's worked for me to gently suggest correct spelling.  Maybe there's a time for correctness and a time for play?

Today's story project

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  1. I am just constantly amazed at Isaiah's drawing and writing abilities for being so young. Awesome!