Tuesday, March 6, 2012

recent fun

How many times have we passed these guys selling balloons from their bike?  
It just seemed like a day to say yes.  

Our normal arrival home from school, perked up- though that's sure not evident on their faces!-
 by these special treats....    (PS. John really does have a balloon in there too, right behind Isaiah's.)  

And, we've had lots of fun lately with all of us getting on our wheels... pushing Vivi in a stroller to chase Marian on the scooter, John on his bike, or Isaiah on his roller blades.  Vivi is sure she'll catch them one day and she just might... by the time she gets into her own wheels.  Matt and I have roller blades too and a few times each of the half dozen of us have been rolling together on the cement square at the back of our apartment complex (our patio bricks are pretty bumpy).  Such sweet, fun family time!

Matt also bought a new board game, Ticket to Ride (on Taobao, China friends!) that he modified to make 4-5 year old friendly.  The (unofficial) Little Riders Edition.  Another new favorite.  Isaiah just might be a strategy game guy like his daddy, and Marian, well she surprised me with her immediate interest in the game.  She was super serious about her moves.

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