Monday, March 19, 2012

Vivi Turns One

Oh this girl....  it is just ridiculous how much we enjoy her!  She's started showing off for guests at our table, making sure they see all the funny faces she's learned.  She leans into me, smiling, hiding her face in my neck, in the morning when I open the door and we see my helper, who watches Vivi two mornings a week.  She lights up the whole room with her giggles and silliness when her siblings play peek-a-boo or roll balls with her.  She is all charm and joy in our home....

And I need to gear up a bit better next year for the double birthday bunch.  We celebrated Isaiah Friday night and then Saturday was booked with a wedding reception to attend and the second week of "Little League" but it worked to invite a sweet gift of a new friend to me for her and her hubby to bring their handsome little man crew to join in the baseball fun and to befriend Vivi for a little celebration for her one day early...  There's no picture to show of that dinner and there was no cake at all, but I did get a very yummy, and again, not perfectly pretty, cake together for our little princess on her actual day...

Thanks Auntie Heather for the bib....  I think maybe all four of our kiddos have worn it on their days? 

And here's a bit of a birthday photo shoot....  I was all about the dress, same one that Marian wore on her first birthday.   (Clearly, I was a bit too focused on the dress and lighting b/c there were some booger issues I really should have addressed!  Yes, she *hates* having her nose wiped, but I can only do so much with photo editing!  A lesson for next time!)

and one more glimpse of a Vivi funny face... and the guy who's inspired so much of Vivi's silliness

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  1. Booger issues and all, I still think she is pretty cute and I still remember to lift her up regularly. Please give Vivi a big hug from her Auntie Karen for me. Love you guys. I hope you are all doing well.