Monday, March 19, 2012

Over the Hand

I'm quite sure this is not a phrase that anyone says... but it's pretty special that our big guy is now into digits beyond the five fingers on a hand.  The Chinese have handy one hand signals for numbers 6-10 and I really should get a picture of him showing you "six"....  maybe soon.    Crazy!  Isaiah is SIX!

We've decided we might try to alternate between big party years and little party years for each kid.  Last year Isaiah invited his whole preschool (about 15 kids- out of 20ish- came) for a big shindig on April 16th (my belly was toooo big to plan much of a party last year on March 16th!).  This year would be a "little party" but for some reason, Matt and I agreed that "little" would mean we'd invite six friends from school.... and six turned into six boys and their brothers, and our awesome neighbor buddy who must also be invited.... It was not a little party.  It was also not a theme party.

But it was a fun party, full of laughter, and his cake was tasty, falling apart but hidden well under yummy icing, and our boy was delighted and Matt and I are just. so. glad.   Such a fantastic boy to celebrate.  Such lavishly Great Grace from our God to give us him...

There was also lots of joy for our boy over the gifts he received from his grandparents and parents, but no great pics.  The "smallness" of the party managed to get in the way quite a bit, intruding upon my high hopes for dozens of pics.  A bit of a bummer, but still, nothing could rain dismal on this 6 year old wild rumpus!

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