Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

 He almost caught it!

I love (a thousand times love...) family time.  Love being together for something new or fun or maybe something ordinary (the same book we've read 99 times already now).  An indescribable joy that's tied up in my joy is that our kids love "family time" too.... It hits them, most especially Marian, like the best news she can dream of when we tell them that it's family time to cuddle and read or head out to a park together.  (Isaiah is pretty glad for alone time to draw or play legos and John is super glad for cuddle time with Mama...  But each one of us enjoy time when it's just us, together, for something special.)    Oh I love this crew so much!  And too, such a joy, such grace that we've all been healthy this week.  Thank you Lord!

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  1. I love that there is a super wonderful shot of each one of these dearly loved ones! Miss you!