Thursday, December 8, 2011

Astounding Grace

A magnificent poem for the Christmas season....     

Astounding grace, that God the Son 
should choose to leave his Father’s glory 
and refuse to clutch his dignity
exploit his right
make himself a no one in our sight
The word made flesh
the Son of God
the timeless God clothed in a mortal span
now born a baby in a cattle shed
transcendent God who suffered and bled
Astounding grace that Christ should suffer death 
and know first-hand
the grave’s cold clammy breath 
that he the Prince of Life, creation’s Lord
should take the curse which we could not afford
He died our death, buried all our sin
He tore the veil, we boldly enter in
He saw our bitter hates, our dreadful lust
He bore our guilt and then declared us just
Astounding grace that I who could not hear God’s warning judgements 
now should come to fear impending death 
the certainty of hell 
yet find in Christ my fears completely quelled
Once I was blind 
in shoreless wastes I drowned
but now I see the lost sheep has been found 
my guilts forgiven I gaze upon his face 
exalting Christ 
and His astounding grace

D.A. Carson read this poem at the end of his excellent sermon “Sin and the Fall”   on Genesis 3.  I wish I had proper punctuation down for this poem but I just recorded it as I listened to his recorded sermon....  thank you for grammar grace.

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