Wednesday, December 7, 2011

little moments

Just can't let these sweet moments be forgotten...

Marian was practicing some reading at the table earlier this week and she came across the word "HE" which she's seen before, but today she stumbled over it.... Was it "he"  (rhymed with 'me' or rhymed with 'the')?  This simple question turned into a wild rumpus for a little donkey with an accent..... and she must have been part hyena too because she could not stop laughing at the he-heh bit for ten minutes or so.    Silly Goofy Queen this girl!

Matt made pizza for us this week (Uyghur flat bread for crust, homemade tomato sauce with the whole garden blended up so no one can protest and cheddar on top, but at least it was white cheddar).  After the first two were almost done, Matt wanted to put the next two pizzas on the table, but someone needed to take the last piece.  Marian gobbled it up and John promptly scolded her for it.   Finger pointed firmly across the table, "No take pizza all done!"  And then it happened again and Marian did it just to show her brother she could.  This time he erupted!  I could see his little caring-for-others heart breaking.  "Marian take pizza all gone Again!  No Marian!  No!"  I don't think I've ever seen him so angry at her before.  And I cannot help but laugh every time I think of it!

Rapunzel Baby is a crawler!  We could not delight any bit more in this little treasure girl.   And she is little.... our littlest to be sure.  We've never had a baby that wasn't chubby and although she's still got that little baby squishiness to her, she's just not a chunker, especially like her big brothers were.

Baseball....  Matt is dreaming of a bilingual baseball league here one day.... (maybe not too far off in the future!?)

A round of hide and seek...

And one last one...  I just can't forget this regular potty moment either:
As we flush together (our lever is pretty tough to press down),  John's sweet voice:   "Bye Bye poo-poo...  bye bye my poo-poo... bye bye two poo-poos."

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