Friday, December 30, 2011

just pics

 Our warriors...  
(don't miss the mesh drawstring bag tied around Isaiah's head)

And here's our winter scenery... 
See that bright yellow crane one block back?

We had lots of fun, wonderful friends with us around Christmas and the weeks leading up to it.

We got one of these test-your-IQ puzzles for Christmas...
... surely you're jealous.

Now, this is not what Christmas is really about, but a part of it still... The kids got all the stuff of dreams this year.  Isaiah made out like a lego bandit (and he knows the legos are for sharing with all the kids).  Thank you cool family and sweet "Auntie" Dawn!  Marian's dollhouse is fully furnished and populated now, thanks to our lavish family.

Our big two kids got roller blades from us.  And this little guy- who had all awesome owl gifts otherwise-  also got his first bike from his mom and dad.  

This little girl has her own beautiful growth chart and a beautiful blanket and sleep toy now... as well as two dresses that match with her big sister.  
Oh this little beauty.... she is really enjoying her baths these days, loving to stand up by furniture, and playing at copying a few syllables (ma and da being the most important... ok, the only ones so far).

More views from our window... Can you guess that we didn't move here for the winter landscape?
 I'll admit I get frustrated that although this country is so respected for it's high standards for education, 
dozens of people we pass on the street still burn piles of all sorts of trash- including plastics.  
The hard part is that so many people have no other warmth.  But seeing them inhale toxic fumes 
to add a bit of warmth doesn't really brighten the scene.  
Heartache... on many levels.  (oh, and head ache too!)

The big three had a fun Christmas performance at school.  May's song (above) was super cute and I'm really hoping that a video will upload for you to see a bit more... stay tuned...

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