Saturday, August 20, 2011

visiting ayis

At the beginning of this month, when the guys (in the post below) were still with us, we travelled out of town (an hour by public bus) to see the two ladies that help us in our home.   ZF and XL, the "ayis" that work in our home ("ayi" means "auntie"), are sisters-in-law and are such a blessing in our home.  I'm so grateful for these ladies!  And so grateful to get to be with them, in their homes, this day...  thank you Lord.  Part of our visit was spent snapping family portraits for these dear friends.  All these photos are from the skillful Jake.  

{ZF's family, above} She's in the middle, her husband in the back with the red shirt, their sons in the back green and very front, and the two sweet boys kind-of hiding in the middle are the their two foster sons that are severely handicapped and even more severely loved.   ZF comes two mornings a week to watch John and give him Chinese language practice.  (Starting this fall she'll watch Vivi).  She has the sweetest spirt and is a joy to have in our home.  

Their small town was so pleasant!  And I was glad to see that their homes were nicer than I had feared they might be...  spacious rooms with lovely courtyards though I know that it's tough in winter time when their insulation is completely inadequate and the only heat is from coal when the temps reach their bitterest lows.   And, there was no bathroom in either ayi's home...  there are public bathrooms on the street but they aren't pretty.

{XL's family}  Our fantastic helper that comes two afternoons a week is on the back row, right, her husband and son nearest her and their daughter on the far left.    XL comes two afternoons a week and she's mainly my hospitality help....  often fixing cafeteria size portions of delicious Chinese food for us and for guests with us.  Matt and I have nicknamed her "The Whiz" for how she zips around the kitchen and our whole home leaving everything much tidier and this mama much relieved when she goes.  Such tremendous gifts these two ladies are!

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