Tuesday, August 16, 2011

two guy gifts

No, I'm not writing about dumb stuff to buy for guys, but instead about two guys that were pure gift to our family this summer.

TJ and Jake spent several weeks this summer serving with their photography skills to help Matt's company SRE build a web site well worth looking at and they served in every little way that came available for them... including loving on our kids.  We didn't realize till not long before it started, that our kids would be out of preschool for a one month summer vacation and we didn't have much fun planned.  Having these guys with us made for a solidly smiling week.  All gift for these K Kids...

We praise the Lord for you Jake and you TJ and we are praying that He will work mightily in and through you... and bring you back here too!  Thank you for coming and blessing us so!

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