Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the big four

Our beautiful Marian turned four years old last week.  She helped me make muffins to bring to school on the real day (the second day back to school) and we brought a cake to our friends house where they were celebrating their Grandma's birthday too.  I wish so much she could celebrate her big day with my mom who is in heaven.... so special they share this day.

Saturday morning was the birthday breakfast:  Daddy made scrumdiliyumtious oatmeal pancakes which we topped with Dream Whip (thanks for the packets Grandma and Grandpa!) and The Unknown Fruit syrup (a friend gave us lots of that delicious, crazy-looking berry this summer.)  There were other bits and pieces that we all enjoyed along with our dear and super cute friends Ella and Addy and Cherry. (Really bummed I didn't get more pictures of them!)  After breakfast, Marian got her gift from us, a dollhouse with a little bunny family to live in it, and then we took off to play in the park together.

A precious friend of mine said ages ago that when her boys turned four, she could hear the angels sing.  We started hearing faint echos of that chorus a few weeks ago.   Somehow, something in her is coming alive... a sweeter concern for others, attention to what's expected of her, generosity and helpfulness.  She is really growing up and I just told Matt that I should remember that all the hard work of discipline through the 2s and 3s really does begin to pay off and I'm encouraged we can see the beginning of some reward for the discipline we've had to give even already.  I said that last night and then we had a  75 minute fit to deal with this morning.  So this growth and discipline and love and service of parenthood is a journey and we have not arrived anywhere yet....  but I am glad I think we're at least moving in the right direction.  (May our whole lives move towards more of you Jesus!  Oh, help me to teach her, humbly serve her, better than I do!!)

I'm sure in no time Marian will be turning 14 and when we scroll back to look at this I know we'll giggle together over what a firecracker she was and we'll delight in the beauty she was and will be.  May your faith in Christ flourish, Marian, and may he cause you to be confident in him, diligent to pursue him, zealous for His glory and radiant with his character of love and his beauty.

We Delight in You Marian Darling!


  1. Oh how I miss your family! Seeing the photos of your family makes me feel almost homesick (is that the right word?) for Xi'an. Please tell John, Marian, and Isaiah that they are missed (Matt and Jill, you are also missed!)


  2. I have quoted Kim so often when friends have "almost 4 year olds". I love 4 year olds and agree wholeheartedly that the angels DO in fact sing! :) Happy Birthday Marian! May you grow to love the Lord and love others even MORE this year!

  3. We love you, too, darling Marian! We anticipate that day when we tell/hear stories of all these younger years of your life with your joy, full personality!