Wednesday, January 26, 2011

online gifts to share

We've recently been introduced to and come across some really wonderful finds online and we want to share them with you.

First:  "You've Got the Time," Dramatized ESV New Testament read as a podcast that's available for free on iTunes.   The group that put it out has arranged it in chunks (i.e. Matthew 1-7, 8-12) so that you can listen to one each day and finish listening to the NT in 40 days.  And so far, the dramatization that we've heard is very well done.  So grateful for this!!

Second:  For you overseas families like us, consider yourselves the recipient of a fantastic online library card.  Thanks Alycia for this tip!  I love this site!!  You can read any of these great books they've got up on their site for free... and each time you read a book, you can select a charity cause to which the site hosts to donate a book.  That's the deal.  Pretty great, eh?  So excited to have this wonderful gift in our home.  Our home library has just quadrupled!

Third:  Joelee Chamberlain.  So happy to have heard of this sweet Grandma's Bible stories from you, Darcy.  Ms. Chamberlain has 19 tracks recorded (half hour overviews, usually going over a book of the Bible) that are available for free download here at Sermon Audio.  They're not super professional level recordings but they're super sweet, and very well told.

Such great (FREE!) gifts to enjoy!  We are so grateful!!


  1. Thanks for sharing : )

  2. all great ideas! And like you we have to stock up!!!