Friday, January 14, 2011

new home, new castle

Our new home is a great blessing to us and we hope it will be to many more too.  We have the largest patio that I've ever seen attached to a private apartment in China (how is it we could be so blessed!?)  Every week a small bag is filled of litter that's dumped on it from workers and neighbors in the 12 floors above us but we'll gladly pick it up for the joy this space is!  The rent is a bit cheaper than expected, and our complex is across the street from very dear friends.  Such grace for us!

It's been cold and the patio was even covered in a few inches of snow for several days... and when there's only dusty dirty cement outside it hasn't proven quite enough motivation to get us out of the house very often lately.  I look forward to a tiny bit warmer weather when we can make the most of this great cement space and new area to play!
 Another great blessing was that everything from our last place smoothly found a new place in our new home.  We've needed to buy very little to get this place running well.  We did have to get a fridge and washing machine (ug!) but besides that our only needed things were this little hutch (less kitchen shelves here, $11 at a local used furniture market- not sure if I'll paint it or try to stain it?) and two bath tub bins for the kiddos.  Everything else fit just right!

The Family Room/sometimes guest room is also the lego room/ DVD room and it's put to great use every day.  Isaiah sometimes spends hours in here diligently creating Cair Paravel or an army of archers on horseback with swords. 

As soon as we moved in a very kind and little bit flamboyant neighbor arrived with this beautiful orchid as a housewarming gift.  It's way more stunning than I would ever have spent money on for our own home!  All we can think of to return the kindness is to bring him a plate of brownies... we're still working on a better plan though.  Matt is confident he's going to be a fun friend.  

Our dear friend and Marian's classmate (and currently her intended husband) came to visit.  Don't you love how well they're hiding from the seeker?

And the appliance boxes have been put to good use:  A castle complete with two lookout towers.  


  1. I love it! Boxes seem so fun! Enjoy Enjoy!

  2. Praise God for your new outpost and all it's amenities...dear friends close by and everything! And those boxes made quite a the creativity. Love you guys....

  3. What fun, So glad your new home is working for you, He does answer prayers : ). Know it was sad leaving the old place, but He had new plans for you. So glad you have this journal to keep us up to date. Love you all,