Sunday, January 23, 2011

they woke up with a plan

It's been a good, busy week here.  Matt's semester of business classes finally finished, we had 20+ guests for dinner/ dessert in our home, the first days of no class to work on lots of projects around our new place, and a our first house guest who stayed with us for the past 5 days.  All of it has been good, but I think we're all a bit worn out today.  Isaiah and Marian and I are ill:  they slept 5 hour naps today and tossed everything up along the way.  I'll be glad for this business to finish quickly!

We've had some special, simple moments... actually many more than I got pictures of.  I didn't get a single shot of any of our friends here with us!  But here's a few of our sweet moments at play or rest... 

One evening at bedtime, Isaiah and Marian got it in their minds that they needed to build a bunkbed for the babies and they would use leftover cardboard from the castle for it.  In the morning it was the only thing they cared about.... a very important project for them.   But somehow, a tea party got slipped in first.

When Daddy brought home a new roll of packing tape they all constructed this beauty, much to everyone's pleasure.  The babies are sleeping very well, I'm told.  

And even K4 was in the spotlight for a time, receiving expert medical attention and lots of love.  


  1. so not fun to be sick! We all just finally got over this! SO fun to see K4 and the check ups. Love you all

  2. Oh do I love these pictures. They have truly captured everyone's personalities (even Matt's with his nose in a book). K4 is showing his/her presence quite nicely too. Thanks for sharing makes the miles apart so much more bearable. Love to all! Mom aka NaiNai

  3. I love you pictures! Thank you so much for sharing your life on here. Miss you more than you know, friend.

  4. What great pics of the family, K 4 too. The kids are really growing. I thank God for you and the family. I pray He watches over you and blesses you in mighty ways. Love you friends,