Tuesday, February 1, 2011

tonight's pics

Bath-time in the new tubs...

For us, bathtime basically always means a tea party and even the boys enjoy it.

Grandma, you can kind-of see the nail stickers you found for her.  She *loves* her pretty fingers. Thank you!


  1. seriously the cutest bath tubs EVER! Great idea too. The boys don't have a tub in their bathroom so we adopt this idea.

    Thinking of today dear friend. Love you!

  2. These are such sweet pictures! You share them with such joy even though I am sure it was sad to leave your bath tub behind. It looks like they were having a great time together! Good family memories :)

  3. The pictures are adorable! Oh we are missing those little ones so much. You have been much in our prayers as we know how busy you have been. Give those precious grandbabies lots of hugs and kisses from NaiNai and YeYe.