Thursday, February 3, 2011

stocked up

Happy Chinese New Year!  

(warning~ this post is super uninmportant.... just thought I'd share an odd slice of life here!)

We have several guests with us in the next few days (one already here, two more coming to stay, and hopefully more for visits scattered over these days) and all the local groceries are closed.  Our local produce vendors are all gone for 6 days!  So...  we've stocked up.  Good thing my man is such a generous, servant hearted, fantastically strong husband.... he carried home LOTS of food for us a few days ago.  

  • 5 kg of rice (we were low),
  • 3 boxes of milk,
  • a quart of oil (which the vendor assured Matt with deep concern would positively never be enough for a family for the entire the week of holidays.  We just don't use oil like they do here!!),  
  • 10+ pounds of fruit (you've got to have lots to serve guests and it's a staple for us anyways)
  • 10 pounds of potatoes (our guest's favorite American food is mashed potatoes and I think he ate 5 potatoes worth last night!),
  •  and 7-8 pounds in assorted veggies
  • Good thing we had just bought our big bag of flour for the month!  (We were also stocked with our faithful few from the import store- so grateful for that!)  

Random veggie side note:  Auntie Heather, thanks so much for introducing us to Ants on a Log last fall... we've become deeply devoted fans of the celery, PB and raisins combo!


  1. It is always fun to hear and see what life is like for you there. I hope you enjoy the time with your guests!

  2. Ants on a log is indeed a wonderful combo! Hope the new year is a fun one for you all and your guests! You'll have to tell us about all the craziness and the fireworks! Love you all.