Thursday, December 2, 2010

more favorites

We are all enjoying our advent time together....

Finish up dinner, turn off the lights, proclaim some Christmas reminder like "Christ the Light of the World!" as we light candles and light up the tree and gather together for some of his warmth and his word.  (As often is the case, this came by way of inspiration from  my dear friend Ann.   We're also reading her Jesse Tree devotional in this time together.)

Here are two favorite treasured moments from this time recently:

I pass around a plate of chocolate mint cookies (with a grateful heart for my mother-in-law mailing us those Andes chips!) and gather around our candle to read....  and John reaches from his high chair for his big brother's hand.  Those two boys sat the whole time listening, nibbling, quiet, wide-eyed at the candle, praying, holding hands.... till we got up from the table.

And then last night, Daddy suggested we leave the lights out after reading and prayer and turn up some good Christmas music.... Candle light to enjoy these current favorites:  Andrew Peterson's "Behold the Lamb" and Todd Agnew's "Do you see what I see?"   We snuggle cuddled on the couch,  two boys and us mom and dad, all listening and also watching our princess (she dressed up in two different dresses, with headbands to complete the deal) as she danced to her heart's fullest.....  silent laughter and wonder for the deep gratitude and incredible joy of such an evening of worshipping the Lord- our King who came for us!- together.

And one more...  not during advent time but on the walk home from school.  Marian looked at a pile of bricks at a construction zone we pass by and she exclaimed "Look Mama!  A castle!"  Oh for her eyes!  Of course Jesus loves such a love and beauty seeking heart as hers.  (And I sure do too...)  

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  1. Hey Jill & the entire bunch, HAPPY 2011!
    After a long time I was able to visit your journal and view gorgeous pictures of the kids and to know that K4 is on the way, I am so happy to read abt your wonderful life and thank God for every bit of it. Your family is amazing! I truly admire it. And the courage God has given you all is beautiful. I wish you all another glorious year filled with Gods choicest wonderful blessings in this year and the years to come. lots of luv,
    Cyndi & Estrella..