Tuesday, December 28, 2010

kinda like a growth chart at the end of the year?

Here's my best shot at sizing up where each of our kids have grown to in 2010...

John John:  unspeakably delightful.  18 months is truly a favorite age for Matt and I so far on our journey in parenting.  It's the best (and last!) of "baby."  John is beginning to talk and is understanding so much.  He loves to find special toys for his big bro and sis if they are hurt or sad.  Loves, loves his Moses bear and Moses blanket.  Snuggling both Mo.s, a cup of milk, and Mama on the couch is his very favorite way to wake up and often, he just won't settle for anything less.  Sometimes he's so enamored with the Mo.s that he doesn't want to be lifted from his bed where he's playing with them... and laughing to himself or at them.   Quite a runner: again, laughing at himself as he goes.   Adamant climber (chairs, stairs and the bunk bed ladder) and prolific greeter (Hi, Bye, and Zaijian- goodbye in Chinese).   Lover of dogs (and all animals are "Dahs" for now.)   Super man, compliments of Uncle Greg and Auntie Heather.  

Marian Lynn:   Definetely the firecracker in our group.  She is a truly super fun girl.  She's usually the most extroverted of our family but still not her most lively self in a group too large or unfamiliar.  Finishes a lollypop in 4.5 minutes.  Our dancing, singing, swinging, teaching (her invisible kids follow her around the house for lessons), bike-riding, dress-up princess, we love her so much, darling girl.  Queen of Hearts gown from Grether.

Isaiah: This guy seems way too big to be our boy... I think he's had a major growth spurt and we love to see how he's maturing.   Far superior artistic talent to mom or dad, great singer (when he thinks no one is listening), gifted and often longwinded storyteller (in Chinese and English),  future archer & swordsman,  bike rider, delicious to tickle, funny, wonderful boy.  Finishes a lollypop in 55 minutes.

Toy Story Mac-n-Cheese also from.... yep, Grether. Grandma and Grandpa sent some fantastic gifts too, but we were on the web cam with them to open those gifts so I missed getting any good shots.  And our sweet church family sent a great box of treats, and gifts, and wonderful hand-me-downs and needs that I had ordered online.  So blessed to receive from such thoughtful, loving friends and family!  Thank you all!

And.... the littlest one~  K4: We are so excited to meet this little one towards the end of March.  Since we are quite solidly planning that this will be our last pregnancy, the gender question seems all the more magnificently incredible!  Who will the Lord choose to add to our crew as our 4th little blessing?  We are so grateful for the near 27 weeks of growth so far and are praying for God's clear provision and peace for a healthy birth.  We still have no idea where we'll be for the birth- stay here or go to the capital?  So many factors to consider!   Belly shot coming...  :)


  1. What sweet, wonderful little belssings you have! What a joy they are in life too :) We are praying for a smooth transition in your move and for a safe and healthy arrival of K4.

  2. Love your recap of each kiddo...we are so excited to see how He provides a place for your in your labor, we pray to that end and trust that it will be a blessing. How we wish we could walk with there during those moments that are tough and not be so far! Love you Kasowski clan, and praying for what He is going to be revealing soon...Happy Blessed New Year!

  3. Jill, I've stopped by several times, wondering how the move went and hoping to hear that you are getting settled in your new home. Now I'm thinking that maybe you do not have internet access and/or your move plus kiddos plus #4 has just worn you out!

    praying for your family, Laura