Thursday, March 5, 2009


Several days ago I had another ultrasound to check on our #3 inside and see the situation with the cord.  Just like we've been praying, the cord has come unwrapped from our little one's neck! We are so grateful to God for his intervention and help for our little one, and we're grateful for your prayers too.  We'll keep you posted as the little one grows.  It is so great to dream and think of having a tiny baby in our home again.... except when those prayers and dreams keep me awake in the middle of the night!  Oh well.... well worth it!  

Isaiah has been thrilled to have his hand on my belly to feel K3 kick around.  At this point, he's absolutely positive that my belly button is the door that Jesus is going to open to bring the baby out.  Marian always aims her kisses for the baby to land smack on my belly button too.  There is even more joy in our hearts and surely in our home for this number three than we knew to have or could even imagine at number one's arrival time!

Hopefully we'll get some good belly shots sometime soon....  hopefully before three more months are done and the belly's been emptied!

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