Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Big Number THREE

We had quite a weekend of celebration here....  a fun party on Saturday with five friends from preschool and two special American friends that are in town for a bit (their new baby brother was born on Isaiah's birthday!  Welcome Isaac!)  Here are some pictures from the party... one of the first days since November that it was such nice weather for extended playing outside.  What a treat!
Matt did a great job directing a fun relay race game for everyone...

Here's Isaiah and his cool buddy Wo Wo.  After our relay race, we headed to Ken De Ji (very roughly translates to "of course it's moral chicken"- actually, Kentucky Fried Chicken) for birthday lunch.

We really wanted to invite all of Isaiah's classmates to his party, but I also didn't want to cook- and it wasn't an option to take everyone to KFC.  Instead, we opted for a second, smaller round to the festivities and took a cake into school for Isaiah to share with all his classmates and teachers.  
I didn't know that Marian would get birthday perks simply for having her brother turn three... but she got to skip class for the morning and join her big bro in the classroom next door for some cake.
I love how his teachers had Isaiah serve all his classmates.
And... what's a FL-ND-Asia boy doing in a Illinois T-shirt?  Only partaking of the generosity of our dear friends, the C family, who are in the states for only a little longer!, who are trying to indoctrinate our children in the silliness of supporting their alma mater!  We love you Cs.... can't wait till you're back with us!

Isaiah has a really sweet lead teacher... Thanks Niu Laoshi for being so great a blessing to our kids!

The gate guard at the school is really sweet in loving on our kids...  we are so grateful for this school and these wonderful people in our kids lives!  

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  1. Happy Birthday, Isaiah! You are loved around the world~ how many 3 year olds can say that?? We love seeing your smiling face (and of course your little sister's too).