Thursday, March 5, 2009

August 2007

"My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior”

Just as Mary, the mother of Jesus, sang this song, 
we pray that this will also be our daughter’s heart and song.

Matt and Jill joyfully announce the birth of their sweet daughter

Marian Lynn

 Weight: 3.4 kg (approx 7 ½ pounds)
Height: 51 cm (20 inches)

Her local name is pronounced May Lynn ~ meaning “Beautiful Jewel”

The story of her arrival:
We had been praying for the timing to be just right… and it surely could not have been better! Saturday night we left for the hospital and a dear friend of ours here came and stayed with Isaiah. We quickly found a taxi and traffic was no problem at all. We met our American midwife at the hospital around 11:30 and after 3 hours of labor (which was much more painful than Isaiah's) our baby girl joined us… healthy and without intervention or complication!  An especially wonderful part of her birthday is that she was born on her Grandma Lynn's birthday. We are so struck by the grace of God, and we are grateful.

The legacy of her name:
In her name, our daughter is linked with several great women. We are glad for the examples of women named Mary in the New Testament whose lives were submitted to God and deeply committed to worshipping Him. Our daughter’s name also connects her with her Great-grandmother Marian and with her Grandmother Mary. For her middle name, she has the name of her Grandma Lynn B., who she’s already been loved by in heaven. We pray that her life will be passionately committed to the Lord and full of grace, virtue, valor, beauty and strength, just as each of these women have displayed in their lives.

We miss being near you all to celebrate our precious baby girl, but we are so grateful for your long-distance cheer with us!  Thank you friends!

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