Wednesday, March 11, 2009

bath time and a few more pics

It's pretty unclear what kind of expression this is on our princess' face... but I can tell you for sure that this is joy-  PURE JOY.   Marian normally stands up as soon as we pour water to rinse her hair.... and once the bucket is empty, she urgently pleads for MORE!
This is Marian's "funny face."  She is still working on developing some different spins on it...

Isaiah thrills over bathtime, but honestly- when it comes down to it- he's not as deeply satisfied by a bucket over his head as his little sister is.  I think he appreciates her bravery here and of course, she adores every single thing he does and says!
Matt recently wrote out some goals for this year and for physical exercise, one item he listed is his daily game of "chase" with Isaiah.  Our boy has an incredible energy level and continually pleads for "one more game."  In all practicality, I think he could last for an hour or more, full speed ahead.  This shot shows pretty clearly why Matt gets wiped out a bit earlier than our boy!
Fun to have a friends crazy glasses to try on...
Looking cute for her fourth day at school...  Thanks for all the clothes Grandma and Grandpa and for the super homemade hair clip BT!


  1. You have such cute kids! It is fun to get a glimpse into your life there. Thanks for all the pics!

  2. Funny thing, our little Ana is so much more of the water worm then Matthew is and HE loves the water! Your family is so precious. I love the last picture. She looks so grown up! Wow how time flies...then again I always say that:)