Sunday, January 18, 2009

thanks for your recipes!


Thanks for your kind contributions to our family cookbook!  I'm really grateful to have your names next to several new recipes.  I know there are some great recipe sites, but a recipe is a real gift- far more special- when there is a friend of mine behind it!  That goes for recipe sites too... it's fun to remember them as "N's favorite site, E's favorite recipes..." 

I should have been more specific about our pork issue at home.  Since we have friends that have strict prohibitions against eating pork, we don't cook any pork so our friends can still eat with us.  (Their religion states that they can't eat any food that has even been cooked with the same pots/dishes/utensils as has cooked any pork.)  So, for the porky meals, we'll see how a chicken or beef switch works :)

Thanks again dear friends!  It's special to have these gifts from you!

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