Sunday, January 18, 2009

prayer request

I got to see our little bun last week in an ultrasound. Heart is strong. Spine is solid. Brain looks like genius material. We could have found out the gender but we're going to wait for yet another surprise! The little one is perfectly on schedule size-wise (now almost 19 weeks) and is set for a mid June arrival. Everything looks healthy, but we also learned that the cord is wrapped once around K3's neck. At this point there's still lots of room for wiggling and K3 needs to summersault and get his/her head down for delivery still so there's lots of "chance" that the cord could come off the neck- or, honestly, could wrap again. We know who is in perfect control of every chance, so we're giving this need to him. Thanks for praying with us!

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  1. Hey Jill, was just going thru one of my fav sites u click these two links u cld read what some other moms went thru.
    according to these they've been in their final trimester. So it seems u dont have to worry abt a thing :) But like u said earlier the lord is IN control! Drink plenty of water so the little one can swim well enough to get it off his/her neck!& dnt stress urself so he/she wnt be too tired. :D GBU & the little fetus! tc & C u around ..