Thursday, January 8, 2009

calling for recipes!

All eaters and cookers~

I would love to learn from you some of your best recipes.... I'm thinking of dinner meals mainly, but any other favorites, I'd love to hear as well.  

Unfortunatly, I do have some serious stipulations.  Stovetop is best (my oven is tiny- think toaster).   Flour, salt, and white/brown sugar are the only baking ingredient that is easy to find (Baking powder, soda, powdered sugar, mixes- all less accessible.)  The best ingredients would be fresh veggies, fruits (we enjoy vegetarian meals), or chicken or beef.  Most dairy products (except milk, butter, and one standard cheddar- which I stock up on and freeze-- can't go without cheese!), and basically every "convenient" food is pretty hard to come by.  But if your recipe is worth the wait,  I'll gladly look for your goods at the import grocery store the next time we have a doctors visit across town (near the store).  Rice is the easiest staple, but just recently, pasta is becoming a regular item at our local grocery store. (What a TREAT!)  And, of course, we can find potatoes too.

Some substitutions and adjustments I've learned to make here:
Refried Beans-  I think I might be in a minority for this, but I really enjoy bean burritos or beans and rice.  I recently discovered that 4-5 hours on high in a crock pot gets pinto beans to a great texture.  Throw in some salt, garlic, taco seasoning and a bit of tabasco.  (Thanks to you friends who have recently sent over the taco seasoning!  It hits the spot!)
Sour Cream-  When I can, I like to pick up cream at an import grocery store.  I'm learning that it makes several different foods taste better!  (Chicken soup is yummier creamy I think.) And one of my favorites is a cup of cream with a bit of vinegar mixed in... let stand for 5 minutes and it's a decent sour cream (though often still quite runny.)  Start small with the vinegar and add till the taste is right- approx 1+ tablespoon.  

You can email me your recipes or (maybe it will work?) to leave it as a comment.  Thanks friends!


  1. Hey Jill (and Matt and kiddos!), I have added your blog to my Google Reader and keep up-to-date:-) Exciting that you're expecting K3! Macey is 18 months old (where does the time go!???? She is super cute! :-) She has lots of photos on her very own Facebook. (She's had it since before she was born... yeh, we're goofs! :-))

    Hey, I just read your post about recipes. I love to cook. I found a recipe blog that I really like called Almost everything I make from there is fabulous!!

  2. Hey! We can talk recipes when I am in BJ this spring - I love to find new dinner ideas too! Do you use a crockpot? Even though i have a big oven i use the crockpot at least once a week.

    Oh yeah, and I can find baking soda and powder at our local (outdoor) market.... you should be able to find it to, I would think.

  3. hey great post!
    I like RRay for quick meals

    also my new favorite is homemade soup with homemade noodles. Make chicken noodle soup. But for the noodles mix one whole egg with four egg yolks and 2T of oil and 1/2 salt. Add enough flour to make a thick paste (about 1.5 cups). Then drop by small tablespoons into the boiling soup. Makes really light and fluffy noodles! SO GOOD

  4. A great website that I use is

    We've tried several recipes off that and all of them have been fantastic--ones that we'll be repeating for sure. You can even search by specific ingredients as you are looking for a recipe. It's a great site!

  5. Made this last night and thought of you!
    Pork Mexican Stew-
    In one large pot put:
    3 cups of water
    2 beef bou. cubes
    4 garlic cloes minced
    1/2 tsp each salt and pepper
    1/2 cumin
    4 T (tablespoons) Chili Powder
    2T Cornstarch
    3 potatoes chopped up (inch cubes)
    1 jin pork chopped up (inch cubes)
    2 green peppers (inch cubes)
    1 or 2 long green pepper things (the spicy ones)

    - Mix well and let simmer for 1.5 hours. Is it actually better if you let it sit overnight- the pork gets really tender.
    - Serve with sour cream on top over rice! SO good!!!!
    - My kids will eat it with no spicy peppers on their portion and lots of sour cream. ALso good with cheese on it.