Tuesday, September 9, 2008

city children's hospital

God provided for us so graciously yesterday...I got a call while I was in class from Marian's babysitter, that Isaiah had an accident at school and injured his head. I packed my bag and took off running (literally) for Isaiah's school. A good friend of mine, LM, saw Isaiah bleeding on the playground and she called me too, and assured me that his injury was not too bad; it was a sweet voice of an encouragement. Finally, the school called my cell a minute little later, but somehow he had already taken off for the hospital by the time I arrived (approx. 4 min after I first heard), accompanied by a teacher and the school doctor. The tricky part was that the school staff weren't sure which hospital they took him too, and in the frenzy of the moment (I'm imagining) the doctor forgot to bring her cell phone so there was no way to call them and find out where they were heading. The kind office staff were all very embarrassed for these mishaps and it all just made me call out to Jesus more, so in disguise, it was all good for me.

So I hopped in a taxi and prayed that the city children's hospital, 25 minutes away, was where they were, and that I would be able to find them there. By God's clear grace, LM also went looking and she found Isaiah and his teachers at the hospital (6 floors crowded with concerned patients and families) just a few minutes before me, and then I found them soon after I arrived. Our little trooper was doing well... wanted to go back to school to eat lunch and then go home.... and his injury really was light enough to ease my heart still more.

An eye specialist looked at him, (yes, I know this was more than what he really needed, but all the locals around me really wanted him to be seen and treated) and then told me he would need to take him into another room without me to evaluate whether or not Isaiah needed "surgery" (I think he meant stitches, the surgeon was a little too glad to practice his English on me). Yes, he split his skin open and it was bleeding a bit, but just a little bit, and for as prone as I am to overreacting, I really didn't think it looked like it needed much medical intervention. So I thanked the doctor but declined any further treatment and took our little champ home.

Matt and I cleaned him up and bandaged him at home and I was a sad and a bit scared that he bled again a bit more in the evening (this all happened around 11 am) but this morning when we took the bandaid off, he really looked great. And his teachers raved about him at school today- as if they expected him to be nearly comatose because of this tiny cut on his eyebrow! He loves playing far too much to be set back by such a little thing! We are so grateful for God's protection and help for us in this!