Thursday, September 18, 2008

grace and peace to you

Not long ago I finally used an iTunes gift card that I got for Christmas- it was the perfect way to get to explore our summer treat- a new ipod. My first chance to listen was while I walked through the alleys from our apartment to my language classroom. Those little ear buds secluded me for a quiet walk (though still very much in the city) and I was deeply moved by these new songs, especially Fernando Ortega singing "Grace and Peace". My heart spilled over again, with yet more deep joy and gratitude when I heard "Sing to Jesus." This is a masterful song to sing while walking down the street, looking into people's eyes. It's just not something that can be put into words. But I hope that you can tuck away for a quiet moment to be before the Lord and enjoy him as his Word is sung to you, sung over you in this song and in this CD. I hope you like it like I do.... and that it blesses and encourages you like it has me, and even more!

Grace and peace to you dear friends, in our Lord Jesus Christ.

(Actually, I just realized I've only linked to Fernando's home page.... the CD that I'm writing about here is his latest: Shadow of Your Wings.)