Sunday, September 28, 2008

train tickets

The past ten days we've been trying to get train tickets to travel with a good friend of ours to her hometown and visit her parents. It will be a 16 hour train ride and I'll be snapping lots of pictures to share of the whole journey and the less "city" side of this country where we'll be for a few days. We are really looking forward to seeing the sky (I sometimes feel so claustrophobic being outdoors but still surrounded by skyscrapers) and spending this chunk of time with good friends, solid in local language and culture. But this week is a national holiday and since students are off and offices are closed, most the whole city is trying to evacuate for one reason or another. We're hoping to hear tonight whether or not we'll actually have tickets to get on a train! We sure hope so!!

Switching gears here... I recently discovered a cute trend in our family photos. Our sweet kiddos are growing so quick!
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