Wednesday, December 30, 2015


So we were just a bit wildly spoiled by these dear friends and treated to an afternoon of swimming, a kids Christmas party together!  Thanks Js!!!  Our family is so blessed to share life here with these two families....  4 kids each, 6 boys and 6 girls between us. (Our littlest cupcake eater was a bit too cold to cooperate with the group shot here!)

the big girls, super beauties inside and out!

their miserable faces
She was intent on that blue cupcake...  (complete with sharks on the aqua icing... perfect for our pool party!  Way to go AJ!)

The Boys....  6 boys, 3 families, 3.5 year spread

Of these six, the oldest three boys- one from each family- are in a catechism class with Matt.  They go through the New City Catechism (free app... I hope you all have!?) weekly.  

Here's the "Cat Class Boys"

my fav pic of the day.  The amazing Jack!
High-flying Eli
our very own ironman cannon baller, Isaiah!

the middle two girls....  our six girls are about 10 years spread apart.  Vivi's kind of on her own on the little end but she also gets lots of loving from the big girls often enough!

So soo grateful for these dear friends to do life with here!  Grace from God to have these kids right in at our kids' ages and to have their moms and dads for Matt and I too!

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