Sunday, December 13, 2015

far far away

We're back!  We didn't even go anywhere, but we've felt farther (further?) away than normal because we haven't had internet for a few weeks in our home.  So glad to be able to be back with you here!

Here's a few snapshots of winter life from our crazy, messy, November baseball, heaps-of-December-snow, Lordpleasegivemepatience, friend-filled, hopefully joyful, home...

this little love makes the *best* tea parties around...

warming up for baseball with the team!
she found a buddy at the field

the boys I adore... all three

on their way to bed
(That's a wave to you Grandma and Grandpa!)

mid Nov we hosted a part Reformation/ part Tapestry of Grace Middle Ages party

this handmedown dress came at the perfect time!
and then there was the day when the stairs became a slide with the school room couch pillow and each step became a trophy, of one kind, or another...

Mom liked the idea of sled better than skis (please!?)

Happy Thanksgiving!  This was a precious group of friends to share with...

We were all surprised at how deep the snow was from just one night (...maybe 2.5 feet?) 

Honest... that really is a smile on her freezing face!

love this girl

and this sweet boy too!

If you look just above the roof of the square gazebo at the bottom, you can just see the outline of the kids snow fort made of snow (ice) balls that came as high as Isaiah's waist.  Actually, Isaiah has been the bravest (by far) to build long hours on this better than (at least bigger than) lego creation.   What a delight to see him growing and making such great things!   I call it Stonehenge in the Snow.

(more soon.... from treasureful advent time)

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  1. What fun it always is to see a bit of your world! Such a lot of snow! We have so very little.