Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Greetings! {2015}

Sorry friends, It took us a few extra days to get to a friends' house to have a photographer to take a family photo... and then many more days to get our internet confangled (for the hundredth time!) to let us get on foreign sites (blogspot) so that we could post our greeting to you this year.

And despite mom's hair being forgotten yet again, left in a housewife bun (like every day), we got almost every eye looking toward the camera and just at the second I could pull one little hand down from her nose,  Daddy hugged us altogether to lean gently in on him (like we do with earnest every day), mom forgot to smile a less toothy grin, Marian posed all ladylike as if quiet, mild meekness was her norm, John smiled so you know he's a strong, humble thread of humor and compassion in our home, and Vivi just about slid off Isaiah's lap, somehow, nearly taking down the biggest brother, still helpful and wonderful as ever, along with her.... while she pretended to be more of a space head than the silliest silly she truly is.  

This is us.   A pile of messy, graced Ks sending all of you lots of love and cheer for a Merry Merry Christmas celebrating the Savior and all the joy He's filled our lives with!  

Wishing you a very happy 2016!

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  1. Great photo! Happy new year to you all! I'm still praying for you, so happy to see you're doing well. Kris Cox