Monday, September 29, 2014

Wednesday weekend # 1

Part of our joy in homeschooling and Matt running his own business is that we have a more flexible schedule to enjoy some weekdays out when most the rest of folks are working or in school.  I hope we can take an outing every month or so!

For this first mid-week exploration, we went to a famous park in the middle of our city and the kids' fantastic adorable teacher came with us.  No wonder there just might be a little crush sparked in the heart of our 8.5 year old, right?

This was all Matt's idea.  It looked a bit too rickety for me.  But it worked and it was fun!

(We love this city.)
It really couldn't have been a more special time together, or in a more lovely place.  What a gift this day was!
The 1,000ish steps up the mountain and 3.5 hours of running around apparently took it's toll.

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