Thursday, October 9, 2014

glimpses of grace.... (life recently)

morning cuddles
(Vivi asks for a cuddle from one or another sibling almost every morning...  sweetest way to start the day)
Perhaps the most beautiful park I've ever been in in my life... We are so grateful to find this place!  Our kids were invited to go for a special art class where this sweet neighbor/ art teacher guided them with some techniques and tips for drawing landscapes.  

watching the big two in art class...
Who would have thought that our local veggie market would end up with a stall of decently cute, doable quality clothes and everything 5Y!  (Not quite a dollar).  Made for happy triplets in Valentinesy sweatshirts here... our girls with their D family counterpart.  (And we had a fantastically fun overnight with the D kids here this past week during vacation time from school.  Such a treat to have these friends near us!)
This happened.  I was eager for our boy to flick the reading switch on his own over a year ago, maybe two.... but in his time, he's done it.  He downed The Boy of the Pyramids in few sittings and then begged and begged and begged for Marian to read it too.  (She and I still read longer books together.)  Joy.   
And then this happened (when I didn't get to finish a chapter with her soon enough.)  He couldn't wait.  They sat side by side on her bed to delight in the story together.  Exploding gratitude and joy in this mama heart.  Thank you Lord.   
Calm morning devotions-  Matt reads the McCheyne Bible Reading plan on his phone.

Soccer...   this is where my hopes for photographic beauty fall flat.  Indoor, low light, fast movement.
But though the pictures are ugly, the exuberant joy was bright and wild and strong...  We are humbly, happily grateful to the Lord for a field to play in, a place where Matt's company can host a bilingual sports club for kids!  

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