Monday, September 22, 2014

much of heaven, much for Christ

"How much of heaven might Christians enjoy even here on earth if they would keep in view what ought to be their great object in life.  If they would but make the enjoyment of God their main pursuit how much more consistent their profession would be with their conduct, how much more useful their lives and how much more rapidly they would ripen for eternal glory...

"Christians do not sufficiently assist one another in their spiritual walk.  They are not enough in the habit of conversing familiarly and affectionately on the state of each others' souls, and kindly encouraging each other to persevere and get near to heaven.  One degree of grace attained in this world, is worth more than every earthly enjoyment....

"A little while, and we are in eternity; before we find ourselves there, let us do much for Christ."

~ Ann Judson (Lives of the Three Mrs. Judsons, p 84-95)

more of the same:
- from Amy Carmichael:  "We have all eternity to celebrate our victories, and only a few moments before sunset to win them."
-from Alistair Begg (rewriting C. Spurgeon's Morning and Evening devotional, Sept 25):  "It is to be feared that many believers lose their strength as Samson lost his hair, while sleeping on the lap of carnal security.  With a perishing world around us, to sleep is cruel; with eternity so close at hand, it is madness."

Oh for this eagerness, this affection and anticipation for Christ, this griping insistence on His pleasure!...  oh to be ripening right now for His glory!

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