Wednesday, June 4, 2014

short and sweet

Vivi found the scissors tonight and forgot the rule. The scary sad possibility came true: she gave herself a haircut.... a style straight from the heart of an exploring crafty adventure girl.  I nearly cried when I sat her on the potty and noticed the path the blades had, just a minute before, cut across her sweet hair.   Still, there was hidden laughter in my sadness because I knew right away it could have been so much worse.

It's almost straight and pretty short across the front and she snipped a large handful from her left side too (I'm so thankful it wasn't all her hair there.)  It's actually not super noticeable, though when I mentioned that I didn't think it was too bad to Matt, he mumbled something about grieving for it still.

Marian announced to the boys that they should "pretend she was still pretty" and she piled up all the lost locks and told me "you must keep this precious hair, mom!"  She told Vivi that she looked like a little China baby girl- short bangs are quite the style for little ones here... but usually not this short!

Vivi cried with me to begin with but when I swept her bangs down and cleaned up the front cut just a bit, I'm pretty positive she thought she had just got a terrific new look.  Here she is....  short hair, heart as sweet and silly as ever.

Yep, this is the same dress as she's wearing in her photos in the post below.  It's her "flower dress" that she gets to wear if she lets mama sleep at night.  It's no problem at all to yell for help to go potty at night, but she does *not* get to wear her dress if she pulls a temper tantrum after I take her potty  b/c she doesn't want me to go back to my own bed!

This look, with her bangs swept straight down, reminds me so much of pictures I have somewhere of my mama with a similar haircut as a little one.  I can only find this one pic for now where it looks like she might have gotten the scissors herself as well!  It is sweet to see my lovely mama's picture alongside my precious little girl's.  

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  1. Hers turned out much better than mine when I took the scissors to my hair at 4! And that darling picture of your mama gave me goosebumps! Love seeing the resemblances, in both cut, looks, and sweetness! Love you these pictures and moments