Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Marriage Retreat Discussion Guide.... {many thanks, Pastor Reju!}

Just a quick link to share here....

Matthew blessed me exceedingly with gifts for my birthday this year.  All the best:  time.  I got a morning out alone to read and write and then I got him to myself all afternoon and evening, while dear friends of ours watched our kiddos for us.   To prepare for that time, I googled for some help with goal-setting for marriage and I struck gold.  There were a few sites that looked alright but I think what Deepak Reju, a pastor at Capitol Hill Baptist Church, has shared as a guide for a Do-It-Yourself Marriage Retreat, just can't be beat.   Incredibly helpful questions to connect and hear from each other  and find ways to spur one another on in godliness and serve and support one another with kindness, help, encouragement....  I hope we'll be returning to this retreat guide for years to come!

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