Saturday, May 31, 2014

Becoming Normal

These two neighbors are regulars at our house.  We're so grateful for such great friends for our family! 

We are finally, truly settling into our new normal... living in this great place, this wonderful home, beautiful weather, among this precious, dearly loved people.  

So, so grateful to be here!

We spent a day in the mountains last week!  Went to the closest place, run like a state park,  and it was *so*beautiful*!  We played baseball in a tiny patch of grass and it was bright and sunny and there was snow... and yep, my photography skills couldn't make a nice shot happen there!  So glad we'll get to get back to that place before too long- Lord willing!  Here's just one of me and Vivi and a shot of these cute nomad boys below.  This is probably their summer job, riding around all day looking for tourists to pay top price for a ride. 

to the butcher...
the center area of our apartment complex... this is where to hang out to hear all the news and meet all the neighbors.
Such community!

Caring for her little sis...
they know they're loved...
I would hold them and snuggle them and tickle love kiss them all day long if they'd let me

always the social center of a home

This precious friend of mine!  We love their 4, and soon 5, kids (and her beautiful braids!)

Someone is getting pretty opinionated lately... a switch was flicked somewhere on her inside and she's gotten wow-stubborn-fiesty in the past 12 days or so.  It was quite chilly today and I told her she needed to wear pants before I'd take her outside to play baseball with her daddy and siblings and she tried to put on a pair of pants but she just couldn't make herself go through with it.  (You should read that to mean- she had a little fit.)  She went back in her room and came out again, "mom, can I please wear my dress and tights?  I just have to wear dress up!"

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  1. Ah! Delighting in all of this wonderful news and provision of friends (especially friends who can braid like that, lol!) and knowing that His love and goodness will shine through you into the darkness!! Love you dear ones...praying