Monday, November 18, 2013

heat, a freebie and one quick romantic read

We have heat now.  Hot heat....  It's a privilege and a blessing and it's really wayyyy too hot and we have no control (except to turn it off completely and Matt said the valves weren't made to be adjusted more than twice a year and we risk seriously injuring the pipes there.)  It is sadly wasteful and embarassing even, how very warm our place is when so many don't have any proper heating other than a smoky stove... and have I ranted here about the lack of public education when so many in the streets warm their hands over fires of burning plastic grocery bags and toxic trash?  It's grievous.  So I'm sad and I'm grateful.  Laundry can dry again.  Our floors that three days ago were as cold and clammy as any thing in the fridge, are now a bit like baking sheets for every crumb under the table (and I need nonstick spray for our entire dining room floor.... and I'm hardly joking.  oh well... to be warm now is a crazy privilege.)

Now for even better news:   My friend Abby told me that Seeds Family Worship has an entire free CD until Thanksgiving!  Friends... this is very good stuff!  Every song is scripture and the music is really good.....  well worth the minute to download.   Go HERE and click on Digital Album (don't click on Buy Now) and name your price $0.  I just got it.  And love it... love it.

Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord is the Rock eternal...

These are songs for everyone.  I hope you will be refreshed by the Word washing over you and planting seeds of hope and faith in your hearts like I know will be planted in us.... Praise be to God for His Word.

And just one more tiny note....  I love most all of Ann Voskamp's posts but every now and then she writes one that I simply must shout about.   I read this one aloud to my man this evening..... Ever so grateful, eternally grateful, that I can be married to this best kind of boring man, the best friend, the best earthly love of my life.

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  1. Thanks for the music suggestion! Just downloaded it and eager to give it a listen :)