Monday, November 25, 2013

a grand time....

They're here.... after 5 flights and a few days of traveling, they're on solid ground again and now, 5 days in, they've completely turned their body clocks inside out for a night and day switch.  We are all so grateful they would come all this way.  Oh we love these *grand*parents* so much!

Last week we got out of town for a little hike.....  (many) more photos coming!


  1. Oh! This makes my heart smile!!

  2. love seeing these pics of ND grandma and grandpa with their blondies in Asia. it just strikes a chord - looking at my own blond babies and thinking of their ND grandparents (who we will see very soon!.... in NC with my fam now, headed there after the holidays).

    Do Matt's parents remember me? I met them once, visited their home, let's see.... summer of 2003. my Matt and I were newlyweds :) tell them I am so delighted to see their smiles with their precious grandchildren - enjoy your visit!!!!