Monday, November 25, 2013

A harder, happier way

We drove through a rainy evening and she sat in the front seat telling me how dietary choices affect her and her family and that even if it's hard, she wants to choose the most helpful, happy way to fuel her body, her life, her family.  She wants to cut back on sugar and processed gunk....

I want to cut back on stuff... materialism, clutter, addictions, distractions.  Oh for a mind, a soul, consumed, consecrated!  I want the happier way too, even if it's hard....  harder even than the path where the crowd flows naturally, wide and welcoming, and I wouldn't have to think about "Why?".  And I want a Christmas all about Christ, not also about Christ (and I can hear my dear Ann here, her heart and her words in this, and I'm grateful to the Lord again for all of this, and all of her influence...).

I have the joy of being washed by Him.... now for the joy of feeding His lambs, washing their feet, giving water to the thirsty, and pointing the way to those who are lost (which always includes me).  I want His Word shaping, anchoring, forming and filling me more than the force of our fast-fleeting, aimless and arrogant culture. I want to be free in Christ, given to Christ, glad in Christ. I want the love that endures forever:  His love, His Word, His gladness, His glory endures forever...

So fitting is this song that I learned a decade ago and sung as a lullaby for our kiddos tonight....  I need it as a sermon for my soul and maybe we can begin it as a regular prayer and blessing at bedtime for our cherished little loves too...

I offer up to you my Lord, a living sacrifice
All I am and have to give, oh Lord, even my life
To know you more and make you known, your call I will embrace
To tell the whole world of your love and never ending grace

Oh hear, my cry, I stand before you Lord
Willing to die, for the cross you set before
Oh teach me Oh God, to walk the narrow way
And to die to myself, each and every day

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